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PREPARING for a Photo Shoot.

The first thing that we need to do is communicate about how and why you want to be photographed. You may choose to portray your professional, glamour, casual or classic style. You may be interested in doing something you’ve seen on Pintrest. We’ll have a consultation about what you’re looking for and discuss wardrobe, props, hair and make-up, location, or other details to suit your needs.

If you’re represented by an agency, consult with your agent about the types you might be cast for and we will come up with a plan to achieve it.

Please come to the photo session in your freshly pressed articles of clothing. YOU are the focus of the photo and sometimes, what we wear steals the spotlight. Please AVOID wearing all black or all white, patterned and printed, zigzags, stripes, lines, and textured wear, like ribbed clothing. It’s best to wear simply solid colors that bring out your eyes. Layers add texture that is encouraged. Bring your black jacket to wear over your blue shirt!

Even those scheduled for quick shot sessions are encouraged to bring at least one change of clothing. Please have more than one change for young children and coffee drinkers.